Many Positive Changes

Since Taylor started her therapy with Dr Danberg, we have seen many positive changes. Prior to coming to Dr. Danberg, Taylor was struggling with her reading skills, specifically her comprehension. She did not enjoy reading at all. While she still doesn’t “love” reading we have seen her be more willing to read when necessary. Occasionally […]

Several Changes

Dear Dr. Danberg, I have observed several changes in Todd in the past two years. He has gone from a poor student who hated school to an honor student! He no longer dreads going to school. Prior to Vision Therapy, Todd avoided reading, and all reading assignments were difficult for him to complete. Todd now […]

Dramatic Gains

Dear Dr. Danberg, Thank you for the dramatic gains you helped my daughter achieve as a result of the Vision Therapy sessions. It was significant first of all, that you identified the problem though her routine eye exam. As she participated in the therapy sessions I began to see her confidence increase. She said, “Mom, […]