Now Enjoys School

Dear Dr. Danberg,

I wanted to write a lot of thanks for all you and your staff have done for my daughter, Rachel. As I know, you often share these with other parents and I thought I would write a brief background about our experience.

Rachel was always a bright child full of energy. She did great in pre-K and Kindergarten; she always had high marks and good comments from her teachers, but began to fall behind in first grade. We noticed her papers coming home from school with bad marks and she seemed to have great difficultly learning to read. She could not recognize the same word twice in one paragraph. It was frustrating for us to understand. Why, when I tell her a word, that only two sentences later, she failed to recognize it? In her handwriting, the letters and numbers would often be reversed and very sloppy. I understood why her teacher was giving her bad marks, it was impossible to read. The teacher started talking to her about having a “phonics” problem. The reading teacher spoke of learning disabilities and that she was a real “puzzle”. Her comprehension was terrific but she couldn’t pass the reading tests. She often got lost and read the same sentence over or would miss sentences all together. She was losing her confidence and HATED school. She was also very clumsy and always falling down, tripping over her own feet and was terrified of going on escalators. She was fitted with glasses but that did not seem to help.

I was worried and Googled: “my daughter has glasses but still can’t read the eye chart”. I found the Optometrist Network online, which led me to Dr. Danberg.

So back to my words of thanks. Thank you very much for diagnosing Rachel’s refractive amblyopia. I know it is a mild case, but the consequences were quite acute. After the vision therapy we noticed marked improvements with Rachel. She is now finishing up 2nd grade and meets all grade level requirements. Her handwriting is excellent and her reading is much improved. She also has improved with her clumsiness and her karate teachers recognized her improvements with a Student of the Month award. She even gets on escalators by herself!

Thanks again for really making a difference in Rachel’s life. She now enjoys school and is regaining some of her confidence.

Very Best,