Many Positive Changes

Since Taylor started her therapy with Dr Danberg, we have seen many positive changes. Prior to coming to Dr. Danberg, Taylor was struggling with her reading skills, specifically her comprehension. She did not enjoy reading at all. While she still doesn’t “love” reading we have seen her be more willing to read when necessary. Occasionally she will read for enjoyment. The biggest change has come in her reading fluency and comprehension. This was most noticeable during homework and in her grades at school. She showed continuous improvements in both areas. Her handwriting also dramatically improved. She went from “chicken scratch” to taking her time and writing out her words and number so they were neat and could be read by all. Most importantly her teacher.

Overall, Taylor’s time spent coming to vision therapy on a weekly basis has really paid off. She has less general frustration over homework and is taking real pride in her grades. She’s been able to make consistent grades across the board and improved her level of effort.