Dramatic Gains

Dear Dr. Danberg,

Thank you for the dramatic gains you helped my daughter achieve as a result of the Vision Therapy sessions. It was significant first of all, that you identified the problem though her routine eye exam. As she participated in the therapy sessions I began to see her confidence increase. She said, “Mom, I feel smarter.” Her understanding of her visual weaknesses and the strategies to improve them gave her an increased desire to conquer this problem as well as apply herself academically.

I have witnessed a dramatic turn around in her performance and sense of self. The first quarter of this year she had the best report card ever (all As and a B in AP physics). Her PSAT score rose dramatically with her verbal score being her highest (it was her lowest last year). Finally, her oboe audition for the Easter Regional Music Festival was a success, she improved her score from last year by 50 points, will preform in the festival and has been invited to audition for the All-State Festival.

Some of her gains I would attribute to maturity, however, identifying and understanding her visual weakness, her participation in therapy and learning to apply strategies have had a major effect on her self-esteem, academic performance, and seeing her self as a reader. She rarely read for pleasure or finished a required novel for school. Both have changed and she now enjoys reading. I am grateful for your expertise and the remarkable progress my daughter has made under your tutelage.