A Wonderful Change

Dr. Danberg and Staff,

The past six months have brought about a wonderful change in our daughter. We knew that something was “going on” with her for a couple of years and continues to express concern at every parent teacher conference we had for her. She avoided reading and she would self-select books that were familiar to her and below her reading level when she read independently. When we read chapter books with her we began noticing a pattern of her making mistakes reading words that we knew she could read. She was inserting and deleting letters from the middle of words.

After your diagnosis, receiving glasses, and participating in the vision therapy I can only describe the change as an upward catapult. In a short period of time she gained confidence and willingness to read and work independently. When speaking to her about the books she was reading she was able to recall details from the story with ease and remember what she read from one sitting to the next.

Emma’s teacher reported a change in her schoolwork just a few short weeks after beginning the therapy. Her teacher really worked well with us on enlarging text and creating an environment within the classroom where Emma could feel good about the progress she was making. Her grades in the second marking period reflected this improvement. Her teacher reported that she was using before, during and after reading strategies consistently and exceeding standards. She also reported that she was responding to inferential question using supporting information with the same success. At our conference we were told that Emma is exceeding standards in reading, math and writing.

I distinctly remember one car ride with Emma from Dr. Danger’s office where she described to me the change in her ability to complete one of the eye exercises. She said, “My eyes are getting much better. I know it because I can make them do what Dr. Danberg is asking and before I couldn’t do it at all.” She also has reported that she really doesn’t’ need the print enlarged anymore. When I spoke to Emma directly about this letter she told me that her eyes were fixed and that she definitely has better reading comprehension. She also told me that she is much more confident. As Emma’s parents, we could not ask for anything more than that.


Dan and Wendy