A Wonderful Change

Dr. Danberg and Staff, The past six months have brought about a wonderful change in our daughter. We knew that something was “going on” with her for a couple of years and continues to express concern at every parent teacher conference we had for her. She avoided reading and she would self-select books that were […]

Phenomenal Improvement

Dear Dr. Danberg and the Entire Visual Optometry Team, We have just received Gabriel’s Mastery testing results which compare his 3rd grade and 4th grade scores, (he is now in 5th grade). The differences are amazing and we are very excited to share these with you. For 4th grade: Math (Total Scale Score) – Gabriel’s […]

Happy With The Progress

We are very happy with the progress that Anthony has made through therapy sessions with Dr, Danberg. He’s made great strides in both reading and sports. He is more willing to read independently and his reading comprehension is much improved. He reads quickly and with fluidity. Anthony was hesitant in the past when it came […]

Exceeding Grade Level

Carter seems to have made great improvements since starting vision therapy. He no longer seems to shift from blurry vision or irritated eyes. While he still occasionally suffers from motion sickness it appears to be much less frequently. His greatest improvements are in his reading. Carter’s current report card had him exceeding grade level across […]

Struggled With Reading Comprehension

Dr. Danberg, Thank you so much for helping out daughter improve her vision/reading ability. Before she started therapy, she did not want to do her nightly reading assignments and struggled with reading comprehension. After 6+ months of therapy sessions with yourself and Louise, she now does her reading assignments with little hesitation and preforms better […]

A More Confident Reader

While there is still some progress to be made, we have definitely seen improvement in Caroline’s reading over the past year. Her comprehension is better and there is significantly less skipping words and skipping/repeating lines as well. She also appears to be a more “confident” reader as she read to herself more and has less […]